A Journalist in Sweden

  I have been staying in Stockholm, not in Uppsala. Akune-san, one of my Japanese friends who I met in Stockholm, was kind enought to offer me her apartment while she was out on vacation in Japan. Very helpful! I found that Japanese people who have been living outside Japan are more likely to be open-mind. I am really happy to meet people like her who are willing to help young. I want to be a grown up like her in the future.
  Today, I also met a married couple who are very intelligent and interesting, Mr Claes Bjerner and Ms Tamiko. Tamiko-san is a well known translator and Claes-san was a prominent Journalist. They looked quite young with full of energy. They warmly welcomed me and even served me dinner with them. Although I was mostly talking with Claes-san, it was so interesting that I did not notice the time until it got 22 oclock.
  Claes-san had been engaged in Swedish TV as a photographer in conflict areas for most of his life. After the Dag Hammershjord, who was then United Nation Securetary General, was dead at the helicopter insident in 1960, he decided to join the Peace Keeping Troops in Kongo and experienced the war. Then he reported many conflicts in many countries such as Islael, Palestina, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Phillipine, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. He said that he did experience almost over 20 conflicts in more than 80 countries.
  He said that he had worked at the section for foreign people in NHK, Japan Broadcasting Association. He recalled of those days when he tried to cut into the sensitive issues like Yakuza and other taboos, which caused some tension with his boss. `Those coverage of reportings for foreign countries was manipulated. They broadcast anything but sensitive and negative issues about Japan`. This is what we Japanese find painful to hear. This is because NHK now tries to strengthen the role of this section by designing to be contributing to positive image of Japan.
 クラエスさんの具体性に満ち満ちた経験談、そしてその洞察の鋭さには驚かされます。たとえば、自民党についての「言葉としてまったく意味を呈していない」という指摘です。つまり、「英語ではLiberal Democratic Partyとなっているが、実態はリベラルではなく保守であり、透明性の欠如という意味で民主的ではないし、政党ではなく烏合の衆」だというのです。外国人が日本の政治を見て意味不明というのも頷けます。考えてみればたしかに分かりにく過ぎですね。
  I was quite amazed to hear the stories full of details and his clear-cut opinion. For example, he criticized the name of the Japanese leading party, Liberal Democratic Party, for not representing the valid meaning. In other words, `although it was described as Liberal Democratic Party in English, they are actually conservative, undemocratic in terms of accountability, mixed with people who advocate different policies even among the same party`. It is quite understandable for foreigner to say that Japanese politics are difficult to understand.
  He told me that he was encouraged to have his own perspective and try to bring it up for their audiences. `What the audiences really want to know is what the journalist in that place think about it`. I agree with this opinion. The journalism in Japan is very strict about how object it is as well as how fast they report, which killed the ability of individual journalist.
 たとえば、僕が聞きたいと思うのは、BBCのラジオの「特派員の声 from our own correspondent」みたいなものです。10分くらいのレポートですが、そのジャーナリストがその場で見たもの聞いたものをまとめてビビッドに伝えてくれます。スウェーデンの国営のラジオと国営のテレビはそれぞれ自立した組織に分かれており、それぞれが各地に特派員を持っています。スウェーデンのラジオでも、週に一回「good morning world」という特派員の声を伝える番組があります。
  What I want to listen to, for example, is the one like `from our own correspondent`by BBC Radio. This program offers the report which the journalist convey his or her own voice to the audiences. Swedish raido and Swedjsh TV are respectively an independent organization and have their own correspondents in all over the world. I heard that there is this program called `good morning world`every week, which put emphasis on journalists their own voice.

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