Burned Goat in Gävle

  Running away from my thesis, I caught the train going for Gävle, a small town located in north of Uppsala. Gavle is famous for having goat monument in December.

  This goat, which is made of straw, is considered to be the biggest in the world. What is surprisingly funny about this goat is that people are trying to fire it every year. The goat has been burned down on numerous occasions over the years. It has also been torn apart, and in 1979 it was rammed by a greaser driving a classic American car.

  And to my sadness, this goat has been already burned down. There was nothing in the part where this burned goat was supposed to be. I could see some of grass which is burned into black. But people walking around the street seemed to pay no attention to it.

  Although it was unfortunate for me, I found it interesting to walk around this small town. There is Gavle River running through center of town. It reminded me of the atomospher of Chambrige, a old university town in Brtitain.

  I walked and saw a lot of scenary spots along this river. One of the spots I really reccomend you to see is “the five genuine stature” made by Carl Milles, who is one of the most famous swedish sculptures.


  I thought it would be much better to visit here in summer. How wonderful it will be to be lying in the grass along the river. I am sure that I will come back in Gavie in summer.

ぐし Gushi について

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Burned Goat in Gävle への2件のフィードバック

  1. YUMIKO より:

    It ‘s a bit late to make a comment but….
    You went to Gävle!
    Too bad that the goat was already burned down when you were there.
    I was so much surprised when I visited the Gävle goat site. Did you check the website?
    By reading the blog, I became a bit sad…..hoping he can survive much longer at least to enjoy the new year’s eve next year.
    As you wrote, Gävle is very small but beautiful town.
    If you go a little far after the statues you saw, nice walking trails are there.
    What I like about Sweden is "nature" is really within the reach even for those who don’t have cars. Probably it would be something similar that you have in Uppsala.
    It was greatly breathtaking scenery when autum – blue sky, shiny river, colored leaves…always like to take a walk there.
    Definitely you should go back there while you are in Sweden.
    As you know people are nice in Sweden in general, but people in small town are even nicer. A bit shy and timid, though.
    It’s been cold, dark and wetty in Kanto area this week, and that reminds me of my days in Gävle very much.
    Take care!

  2. ogushi より:

    Thank you for your comment! Yeah I got the news that goat was burned down just before the night I decided to go there.Too bad…
    But even without goat, Gavle was cute and beuatiful town, a much more beautiful than I had expected to be. I really like small town in which river is runnning through its center.They also had some special walking routes!! I will definetely visit Gavle again in summer.
    There are much more snow here in Uppsala now.
    I am enjoying waiting for summer to come!!



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