Strange Christmas

  On Christmas Day, I went to the uppland nation (one of the student association buildings) with Rod, where christmas party was held for those who have no company. They served a variety of traditional swedish food for those who come there for free. What a nice kind party is it!
  When I entered uppland nation, there was something strange atmosphere inside the building. The rooms inside there are full of immigrants or homeless people. I know it is quite rude to say like this, but I thought at first as if I were in wrong place.
  According to Rod, this party started in early 1960s when radical left movement was overwelming over the world. Some student wanted to have Christmas party for anybody who is not fortuned to have his or her company. Since then, this party was organized by some volunteer people.
  I know this kind of event is really kind and nice, but I still felt awkward because almost people came there with their family or friends.That means that if someone comes there completely alone, it just leads him to feel more loneliness.

ぐし について

スウェーデンのウプサラ大学大学院政治行政学修士取得、欧州議会漁業委員会で研修生として勤務後(-2013年3月)、ブリュッセルでEU政策や市場動向などを調査の仕事に従事。2014年11月から慶應大学のEUSI研究員。千葉市まちづくり未来研究員(自転車政策)。NPO Rights副代表理事として若者政策(主に若者参画)の提言や分析を行う。連絡先
カテゴリー: スウェーデン(その他) パーマリンク


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