100% Perfect Christmas Tree

  Today was the day of Rusia ceremony. Although I don’t know well what the Rusia is about, this december 13th is the day when the darkness is the longest of the year. At this day, the center was filled with people and a lot of ceremonies were taken place here and there.

  I have seen the choir girls dressed in traditional white robe with yellow crown in their head and candel in their hand. They were walking around the city and singing sacred songs. The girls had almost all long and blond. I heard from my swedish friend that the girls are a kind of representive chosen among many. In fact, they are good at singing songs and I like to see them sing “santa rusia”.

  Then I went to the forest with my friends Hanns and Thomas. The purpose of it was to get a christmas tree for our corridor. I have never expected to cut wild tree for christmas. Although I know it is illegal to cut wild tree in the forest, there was no choice for us but to do it. We made excuse ourselves that this would be a good memory for us in the future.

  Looking for good trees on the Hanns’ car, I could see some other people trying to cut tree and bring it back. There are a lot of good trees which are suitable for Christmas here in Sweden. Finally we got a 100 percent perfet tree shaped like Christmas one. This tree would be decorated in a nice way tomorrow and we are going to put our presents in front of it.


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