I have not written for some time. I visited Malmö three weeks ago, the city of which is said to be the most green city in Sweden. It also has a long history and recently been nominated as an official fair-trade city. Now the population is around 300,000 people and this makes it the third biggest city in Sweden.


 It was this febrary that I had been to Malmö last time, at that time the city was covered with white snow in dark. Because of that memory, I was astonished to see the town in much brighter atomospher with arrival of spring. While Malmö and Lund has something common in terms of Skåne, because Malmö has the river flowing around the center as well as long coasts facing sea, it gives more uniqueness to this city.


 Around the center along the stone-filled street, there are many buildings which were preserved as they were built for a long time ago. And Malmö castle, which looks like miniture craft, is standing in the center covered with water around. Behind the castle, there is a large park with green lawn where you can find a plant area in which many flowers such as cherry blossm and tulip provide a bright color with the place.

 However, These are just a few attractive points in Malmö. What makes Malmö even more attractive lies in the contraction between this old-fashioned town-view and the super-moderning seneary in west-harber-area which is under construction along the coast. The symbol buiding of this area is the one called “Turning Torso”, which was constructed in 2005. Moreover, many super modern-tasted buildings are also standing along the coast.



 Ahead of this coast is a Olens sea and Denmark is just over there. In summer, this west-harbor area is filled with over twenty thousand people and the Espresso cafe is the one which is the most crowded in Sweden. Everybody who comes here is doing nothing particular, just lying on the coastside. I would say this is typical secenry of Sweden.







 What I admire most about Sweden is that they are very good at making use of space. While it is not so difficult to construct the cool building like Turning Torso itself, but desinging and producing a whole area comfortable is not so easy. Is this made possible because of the by-product of the long-tradiotional political culture of state-right of propriety, because of the active participation of civilians, or because of collectivism between public administration and architects, developers? In any case, I think this is an admirable city-designning.

 I reccomend to visit Malmo if you come to Sweden.

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  5. Jenny より:

    It’s always interesting to look at Malmö from someone else’s perspective. It makes me see what I have been taking for granted. But now I’m really looking forward to get back to Malmö next week and have icecream in "Västra hamnen"

  6. Toshi より:

    Tack for komment, Jenny.
    Jaha, we always take our home town for granted as nothing special and tend to overlook some other aspcet. Now I feel that way toward Japan,too. But I am sure that Sweden is one of the best in terms of constructing and organizing city!! I wanna go to Malmo again and eat icecream lying on the coast (^^)

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