Oneday with nothing special

  Yesterday, Korean girl and German girl left out of this building at 7 am morning. Then Bosnian girl who has been living in Germany went back home. They seemed really sad. I imagined what it will be like when I go back to Japan.
  Anyway, there is something peaceful atmospher in my corridor now. No noise, No sound. When I looked our christmas tree, it reminds my of the noisy days when my corridor mates were still living here. But I don’t dislike this kind of silence. I poured a cup of coffee for me and started reading the book ” Wind up Bird chronicle ( ねじまき鳥クロニクル)” by Murakami Haruki in a quiet common room.
  At 13pm, I went out for city library and there I read that book for two hours, sitting in a comfortable armchair. I was surpried that reading this book in English gives me the almost same impression as reading original japanese version.
  According to Sir,Uchida Taturu (内田樹), who is one of the most prominent phylosopher or critics in Japan now, Murakami’s work is unaffected by the damage which is inevitably accompanied by the translation from one language to another.
  I completely agree with this idea. One main reason why I have the same imprssion despite reading in different languages is not just due to the well skilled translation but also to Murakami’s unique way of writing, which has in some way universality over the world.
  ”the adults in this world who are not pessimistic are a bunch of idiots”.
  Then, I went to the athletic club in the center and swam for half an hour. Since it got cold here, I gave up doing jogging and started swimming instead. This is really good exercise for me. I concentrated on swimming for thirty minutes and then I took a steam sauna for fifteen minutes.
  When I came back to my building, I continued reading that book again, until Thomas appeared in the common room. I started cooking korean style soap with rice. I boiled water in the pot and put sliced potato, carrot and leek into it, then I added some miso and Kimuchi paste.
  This is one of my favorite food in this cold winter season. I shared this food with Thomas. Then we made chocolate cake. There is nothing better than eating hot chocolate cake while drinking beer.

ぐし について

スウェーデンのウプサラ大学大学院政治行政学修士取得、欧州議会漁業委員会で研修生として勤務後(-2013年3月)、ブリュッセルでEU政策や市場動向などを調査の仕事に従事。2014年11月から慶應大学のEUSI研究員。千葉市まちづくり未来研究員(自転車政策)。NPO Rights副代表理事として若者政策(主に若者参画)の提言や分析を行う。連絡先
カテゴリー: スウェーデン(その他) パーマリンク


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