I have been to the south of Sweden with my parents. The spring has already arrived there and was filled with the gentle weather in lively greens. In the south of Sweden like Malmö, the change of season comes almost two weeks earlier than in the north part like Stockholm and Uppsala. I got the impression that more people enjoyed lying outside on the green lawn.


 There is a city called Ystad, in which is located fifty minutes away from Malmö by train. Although this city is not so famous for a tourist spot, we decided to visit there because it was said to remain the beautiful traditional view of town from mediterrian era. They say that almost thirty thousand people are living there now.



 The atmospher in Skåne is much different from the one in northern Sweden, for the area was governed by the Denmark until 1658. Many streets sill made of hard stones. The houses and buidings so low. And you can see a lot of traditional buildings which were made of trees in 15th cencury. It looks like the cute place that you can see in a typical movie scene in European countries. The town is so open that it is filled with sun shine.






 Then, I went to Lund and stayed there for one day. Lund is a university town, where almost fourty thousand out of one hundred people who live there are students. Some insist that Lund university is much better than Uppsala….I am not so sure about that, though. It was 1668 that Lund university was established here. As I wrote above, Sweden forcefully took the area of Skåne from Denmark at 1958 at the fighting of Skåne.


 The people who had been living there at that time was more attached to Denmark than Sweden, and therefor, when Carl Gustaf 10th, the king of Sweden visited this place, there were few people in the streets who celebrate and welcome him…(Some people in Stockholm mock the people in Skåne for their way of pronunciation in Swedish).





 There is the same atmospher about Lund as Ystad, in that they have a lot of stone streets. while Ystad is more well organized than Lund. But the town was covered with students, which gave me the impression of lively town. The university instituions and building are concentrated on the center of the town and almost everywhere you can find gardens and parks with green lawn. on which people just let themselves relax. I am really envious of these luxurious ways of using public space. While Uppsala has its own unique atomospher, Lund looks like more of a university town given the fact town is rather compact than Uppsla.

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 At Lund, I met a Japanese friend from Keio University and also was fortunate to talk to a professor at Department of Japanese as well as some swedish students studying Japanese. I heard that this Japanese department is very popular now in Sweden. For example, although about 60 people were allowed to enter this place, almost over 400 hundred people applied last year. As a consequence, some students could not get in even if they tried for many years.


 The curriculm for this department is very comprehensive, ranging from history, culture to literature. At the second year, They are supposed to learn some old way of writing in Japanese from the literature of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. The swedish students who I met there were such serious learners that even just one year learning made them manage to have daily communication, which surprised me much. The professor explained to me that swedish students usually start learning Japanese because of the pure curiousity for Japanese culture and Japanese language, not for the pursuit of the economic status.



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