I have been traveling for a week with my parents, who visited me in Sweden. We traveled around Stockholm and Uppsala, and then moved to Malmo and Kopenhagen. Malmo and Lund, which are located in southern part of Sweden, was so beautiful, filled with green tree and plants. Probably I will write about it later.


 Yesterday, there was “Valborg”, one of the biggest traditional events in Sweden, which was designed to celebrate the arrival of spring. This event was held in large scale in the student cities like Uppsala and Lund. In Uppsala where I live, there were so many people coming and the event was broadcast by TV company. I will talk about the event in details below.


 The morning starts with champaign. After getting up, people were supposed to go to the river and eat breakfast with champaign. I went there with my friends and sat down on the blanket on the ground. The river-side space was getting packed with people in a few minutes after we arrived.

 すると、川の上流から異様な小船が次から次へとプカプカと流れてきました。これはvalborgの最初のイベントで、学生たち(4名くらい)が自分たちで作ったボートを披露しながら、川を渡っていきます。船は一つ一つに趣向が凝らされており、学生自身も仮装に身を包んでいます。例えば、バルト海クルーズに使われるVIKING LINEを小さく作った船やSOMALIAの海賊の船、CO2を出して何か問題でもと掲げた船、メルヘンチックな船…などなど。

 Then, here came some weired small boat, floating over the river. This was the first event of Valborg. The boats that students made by their own were all decolated in a unique way and the students themselves were wearing unique clothes. trying to go through the rivers from up and down. Some boats looked exactly like the “Viking Line” which is a shipping company used for the Baltic clause. Some looked like the viking ship which was in Somalia, and the one whose sign said that “is there any problem for emitting CO2?”




 These boats fight each other by throwing water balls. What was funny is that the children on the river-side, even as audience, took part in throwing the water balls…. By the way, almost all boats were overflowed at some stage of river. Small children and adults as well as old people gather together in this area and enjoying this seanery.What a peaceful view is this! I think this is really Swedish way of celebrating spring.



 Afterward, the students moved to the park in front of the social science building and had a barbecue there for lunch, listening to the music on the stage. We did use the tiny charcoal for our barbecue. There among crows, I stood out with my wearing “Yukata”, a traditional Japanese summer cloth. Although I felt a bit embarassed, it would be a good communication tool, considering the fact that a lot of people happily contact me.



 Then, students move to the nation, where they started to throw champagne to others. It was around the time we were supposed to go to the library Catolina and listen to what the chansellor of our university had to say…. Nobody cared about it. People just drank as many alchohol as possible and the city was full of drunken people. Yes indeed, there were so many garbages anywhere out in the streets. People just threw their garbage away on the street even though the city staff were cleaning out them at the same place. I was really disgusted by their mentality that someone else should clean up anyway.


 After the champagne shower, people went back to their home and took shower, changed into new cloth, then went to club for another drink. Again we were supposed to go to the Uppsala castle or Gamla Uppsala and sing songs in front of big fire….Students just did not care about anything but drinking. Valborg is the day when students could get an indulgence for drinking and making noise.

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Currently working for a Japanese consulting firm providing professional business service. After finishing my graduate course at Uppsala University in Sweden (2013), I worked for the European Parliament in Brussels as a trainee and then continued working at a lobbying firm in Brussels(2015). After that I joined the Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in a unit dedicating for the negotiations on EU-Japan's Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA/FTA) (-2018). 現在は民間コンサルティング会社で勤務。スウェーデンのウプサラ大学大学院政治行政学修士取得、欧州議会漁業委員会で研修生として勤務(-2013年3月)、ブリュッセルでEU政策や市場動向などを調査の仕事に従事した後(-2015年3月)、外務省で日EUのEPA交渉チームで勤務(-2018年3月)。連絡先:gushiken17@hotmail.com
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