It seemed to me that I got to know a lot of friends here in Sweden since 2009. My plan was that ① during first part of my stay, I concentrate on university course as much as possible. ② at the last part, I go out a lot and talk to people whom I can only meet here in Sweden. I think so far so good, though I still had difficulity of understanding what native English speaker say and speaking in English what I really want to say. Let alone Swedish…
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 Anyway, I realized again that meeting people was precious.
 When I came to Sweden, I had only three friends. It started with nothing. But gradually I got to know other friends through friends to friends. My chain of friendship got bigger rapidly at some point. And I could manage to construct my way of life through the variety of help by many people whom I met here.
 I come to think twice about the ability of surviving. How we can survive in the world ultimately depends on how many people who would rather help us. This would be true especially in the time of crisis. Family that you can rely on without condition and the friends that you can call without hegitation when you are bored to death. I think this kind of primitive things need to be constructed.
 For example, I was once impressed when I visited the bluesheet house of homeless and talked with them. There were a small number of homeless who could enjoy their lives with relatively ease in bluesheet. And the very fact that they could enjoy their lives with relatively ease was that they had certain type of ability to make their temporary house in 10 minutes and more importantly that they had some friends who offer food to them as well as some homeless friends who help each other. In short, they unconciously constructed network in order to survive.
 Here in Sweden, high-level welfare system has been re-considering. People are prone to think that it is government that should do something to get their lives better, for indeed they paid a lot of taxes. However, there is almost no room for swedish government to get revenue through the more taxation. Swedish government had used almost all options in terms of taxation. That is why people started reconsidering the importance of community and the value of helping each other without depending on the state.
 It is true that Japan should construct more solid social security system by increasing the level of taxation. But there is no point of hoping that our government should do something better. We are moving toward the aging society and amid the world crisis. It is important to broaden the chain of our friendship so that they can help you in case of emergency.
(Unfortunately it would be difficult to find real friends who can help you in came of emergency, if you really try to find real frined under such ulititarian aims)

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Currently working for a Japanese consulting firm providing professional business service. After finishing my graduate course at Uppsala University in Sweden (2013), I worked for the European Parliament in Brussels as a trainee and then continued working at a lobbying firm in Brussels(2015). After that I joined the Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in a unit dedicating for the negotiations on EU-Japan's Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA/FTA) (-2018). 現在は民間コンサルティング会社で勤務。スウェーデンのウプサラ大学大学院政治行政学修士取得、欧州議会漁業委員会で研修生として勤務(-2013年3月)、ブリュッセルでEU政策や市場動向などを調査の仕事に従事した後(-2015年3月)、外務省で日EUのEPA交渉チームで勤務(-2018年3月)。連絡先:gushiken17@hotmail.com
カテゴリー: スウェーデン(その他), 自分事 パーマリンク

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