It was just a week ago. I met a Japanese(U-san) at UppCon who came all the way from Japan to take part in this event. He said he was doing market research about manga and animation in each country, selling animation articles, photographs, and card that are only available in Japan.
 To my surprise, he is a master student in my university, Keio and a member of Animation club. He has been dedicated his life to animation, he told me. I sensed that his dedication and knowledge was bigger and deeper than Baltic sea.
 His dream is to engage in animation industry in the future. He has done field works about market for Japanese animation not only in US but also in Greece, Turkey, and even Dobai. Before coming to Sweden, He did even get appointment with Professor who is studying Sub-Culture at Stockholm University as well as a translator dealing with manga and SF shop owner.
 I asked him if I could accompany him and I joined the interview with a translator. He is a swedish called Zimon(-san), who has been translating about 30% of all manga from Japanese to Swedish. For example, the “Detective Conan” and “One piece” are the products of his work.
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 「ごめんごめん遅くなって」. I am sorry for being late.
 At 10am, Zimon-san appreared with perfect Japanese at Stockholm center station. He looked young in simple clothes with a bit long hair. He said he is still in his early thirty. To my surprise again, he was a family of Keio. He came to Japan as a exchange student during 90s and belonged to the “animation club” in Keio. That is to say, he is a senior member for U-san. What a coincidence.
 They hit it off and nothing could stop thier conversation. After visiting SF shop in Gamla Stan for research, we continued talking and talking about everything. Although there might be some japanese who think Otaku people from foreign countries are beyond Japanese, I found it is complete misunderstanding.
 Indeed, Zimon-san was 100 percent authentic Otaku whom even U-san admits to be far from reaching. What Zimon-san made him outstanding is not only that he could talk about “Akihabara Dennnougumi”, “Chikyuu shouzyo Arujuna” and “KareKano(part 19th)”. His way of seeing animation is beyond impressive.
 He made a rule to watch animation on broadcasting on time, even in this high technology age when people can see all kinds of animation on the internet and can record all kinds of TV program by HDD. The reason is that beside the fact that recording deteriorates the quality of image, he still believe one of the most interesting parts of seeing animation has been lying in the fact that you cannot see the animation once you miss it.
 During 90s, Zimon-san had put subtitle on the latest animation he had imported from Japan and had a watching party for swedish friends. There used to be filled with many people and intense exciting atmospher. But such situations are things of the past. People began to see animation on the internet. That you can see animation anytime anywhere means that you don’t have to gather at one place to see it.
 There might have been someone who had been staying up late to watch animation on time, who had been in front of TV just to record the programme into Videotape without CM. Such devoted animation lovers have been fading away into the history, leaving their nostalgic images.

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Currently working for a Japanese consulting firm providing professional business service. After finishing my graduate course at Uppsala University in Sweden (2013), I worked for the European Parliament in Brussels as a trainee and then continued working at a lobbying firm in Brussels(2015). After that I joined the Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in a unit dedicating for the negotiations on EU-Japan's Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA/FTA) (-2018). 現在は民間コンサルティング会社で勤務。スウェーデンのウプサラ大学大学院政治行政学修士取得、欧州議会漁業委員会で研修生として勤務(-2013年3月)、ブリュッセルでEU政策や市場動向などを調査の仕事に従事した後(-2015年3月)、外務省で日EUのEPA交渉チームで勤務(-2018年3月)。連絡先:gushiken17@hotmail.com
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